Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've been MIA

This post is long over due.  Its been a month since I last posted!!  Things have been somewhat crazy at home with a lot going on.  But summertime tends to do that.  I currently have several projects in the works including: a lap top tote bag, a beach bag, and a baby blanket.  I hope to be wrapping all of them up very soon.  Once I do I will be sure to post some pictures. 

In the mean time though, I leave tonight for a 7 day cruise to Bermuda!  We will be leaving at 6pm and driving all night to New York.  When we get there we plan on checking out Time Square.  We load up on the boat and noon and will be gone until the following Sunday.  I can't wait to see the pink beaches!

Hope to be sharing more projects with you all soon!

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