Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crochet Clover Earrings

Back when I was younger I really got into making friendship bracelets, which resulted in my having a huge box of string.  This box has been handing around for years without being touched.  I finally discovered a project to use the string, as well as those teeny tiny crochet hooks, which I have also never touched. 

This set of clover earrings is my first attempt at crocheting something so small and I think they turned out rather well.  The clover themselves are a little over two inches big and the entire earring from top to bottom measures about three inches.

I hope to start making some other style crochet earrings soon.

This set of clover earrings is available in my etsy store.

Crochet Beach Bag

I crocheted this beach bag using Bernet 100% cotton yarnand added wodden beads to the drawstrings.  This bag is large enough to fit everything you could possibly need or want to take with you to the beach.  It easily fits your beach towel, flip flops, a book, sun tan lotion, a snack, sun glass, you name it, it will fit.

Once you've got your bag all loaded up, tie the drawstrings in a nice little bow and you are ready to hang it over your shoulder and off to the beach you go!

The pattern for this bag can be found in

This item is available in my etsy shop.

Crochet Laundry Bag

This bag was made from Bernet 100% cotton yarn and accented with pink and purple buttons.  I used this pattern ( as a base for my design, but tweaked it a bit.  The stretchy design allows for it to be filled with a full load of dirty laundry!  Im pretty excited about this item.  I wish I knew some girls going off to college in the fall, as this would make a great gift!

This item is available for sale in my etsy shop.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mini-Messanger Bag

I finally had time to get some projects completed!  My husband is out of town for the weekend so I have some time on my hands.  I made a trip to both Michael's and JoAnn's today to pick up the needed supplies to finish several projects. 

Mini-Messanger Bag
This is a joint effort project with my cousin, for my cousin.  The idea came when we were at JoAnn's one day and she was looking into buying a plain jane bag and I asked her what she wanted with one of those.  She said she was looking for something to put her mini laptop in.  I told her I could create a way cuter bag then that.  And so the mini-messanger bag idea was born.  She bought all the supplies and choose the stitch she liked out of one of my many crochet books.  I created the crocheted bag.  She sewed on the applique and created the lining which she sewed in the bag.  All in all I think it turned out quite cute.  I maye have to consider creating some more to be sold in my etsy store. 

I added "D" rings to the body of the bag and clips to the strap, so that the strap can be removed and the "case" can be put inside another bag if desired.  This was done at my cousin's request and I think it works well.

And here is my cousin modeling the final product.