Monday, April 25, 2011

Cricut Expression 2 Giveaway!

One of my favorite scrapbooking websites
is currently hosting a giveaway for a new Cricut Expression 2! 

For your chance to enter visit They have generously allowed for 26 entries per person! 

Good luck ladies!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I caved....

...and finally bought a Cricut Expression.  I have wanted a Cricut for months.  My original plan was to buy the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter.  Retail price for the Personal Cutter is $199.99, but Joann's frequently has it on sale for $89.99 or $99.99.  On Black Friday it was even as low as $69.99!  I was waiting for it to go on sale again and then I was going to buy it.  However, I kept hearing that it was silly to buy the smaller version because in the end after using it for a while the person just ends up buying the larger version, so I should save myself the money and just buy the Expression. 

A few weeks ago I was going through my normal routine at work, opening up the office, logging on to my computer, and checking to see what the Daily Deal was at Target  It was my lucky day, because the Daily Deal happened to be a Cricut Expression for $199!  Normal retail price from the expression is $399.  But that wasnt even the best part.  Not only was it 50% savings, but is also came with 4 cartridges!  These cartridges are available seperately in the store and retail $89.99 each.  Luckily these also go on sale pretty frequently for $29.99.  It seemed like such a good deal that I couldnt pass it up.  The cratridges that came with the machine were Storybook, Destinations, Desginer's Calendar, and Stretch Your Imagination. 

So I am not the proud owner of a Cricut Expression!  I can't wait to start using it and buy some more cartridges.  I really want to get the Hello Kitty Cartridges.  I also need to look into which cartridges have the patterns for making little boxes and bags. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank You!

I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Cara over at Sweet Memory Graphics for creating this new blog layout.  I love it!  Thanks so much!

If you are interested in getting a custom layout done, check out their website.

Crochet Zebra Afghan

I bought the book "48-Hour Afghans" several months ago and fell in love with this pattern.  I desperately wanted to make it, but I couldnt find the yarn I was looking for, Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Metropolis (a black/white/grey multicolored yarn).  There was a reason I couldnt find, it had been discontinued.  After searching on-line I found a craft store chain in California that still had some skeins in stock.  Needless to say I bought them out :-)  I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for the solid black, white, and grey yarn.  This pattern was simple enough to follow.  It used a single stitch, double stitch, and popcorn stitch.  It turned out fabulous! 
(Ignore the mess, I spent the day glued to the couch in order to finish it)

I made this afghan to giveaway as a Christmas gift this year.  Im pretty sure they are going to love it!  Hopefully between now and then I dont convince myself I should keep it!

Crochet Baby Girl Dress

I've found myself struggling to make items of clothing for myself and though maybe I should start off with something more simple.  So I crocheted a newborn dress to give to a friend of mine when she has her baby girl, which should be any day now.  She was due on this past Tuesday (4/12) and the little one just doesnt want to come out!  She is being served an eviction notice on Thursday (4/21).  I really like the way this turned out!
Its a full length empire waist dress that frills out so nicely.  I can't wait to give it to her!

I got the pattern for this dress out of the book "Oh Baby! Crochet".  I did run into a few problems using the newborn pattern, but with some tweaking I was able to make it work.

Crochet Dragon

Last year I stumbled across a pattern for a crochet dragon on etsy that instantly made me think of my cousin and her love for dragons.  I decided to go ahead and buy it and see if I could make it.  It was my first project that was not a blanket, so I was a little bit worried about whether I could pull it off or not.  I gave it my best shot and have to say I think it turned out pretty well.  There were a few errors and some spots where I didnt quite understand what the directions were saying, so I did the bed I could.  The final project measured about 3 feet or so. 
My cousin loved it, as did many other people who saw it, including a friend of mine.  I ended up making her one as well. 
My friend picked out the color scheme on this one.  I think I prefer the red one.

I purchased the pattern for this dragon from seller 'DeliciousCrochet'.

Old Crochet Projects

I remember my excitement when I first learned how to make a granny square.  I enjoyed the simple granny square pattern so much that I decided to make a giant granny square blanket. 

I think most of the excitement from learning to make a granny square stemmed from the fact that I learned how to make the granny square from following a pattern in a book....I could read patterns!  This opened a whole new world of possabilities for me.  After that I sort of went on a crochet book shopping spree.  I have so many books now, that my husband insists there couldnt possibly be a pattern out there that I don't already have.

Once I realized I could read patterns the next project I tried was a shawl.  This involved a little bit more of an intricate pattern.  Again, I was surprised that I could easily follow the pattern.

One of my favorite projects so far has been a granny square baby blanket that I have made for a few friends for their baby showers.  I really like the lacey look to this and how they dont lay quite flat, but have more of a ripple effect.
The pattern for this blanket can be found in the book "Afghan's by the Pound".

Crocheted Elephant and Giraffe

A while back a friend of mine had a baby shower.  I had planned on making her a baby blanket so I asked her what the color scheme to the nursery was going to be.  I suspect she knew why I was asking.  Because she hinted that there was a giraffe she pattern she had seen on line and wanted.  I laughed at her and told her I would love to make it for her.  Turns out she had a jungle theme going for the nursery, so I decided to make an elephant too.

Over all I think they turned out pretty decent.  I have yarn left over from both so Im considering making another one of each and putting them up on the Etsy store.  But that might have to wait til I finish the current projects...I always seem to have multiple projects going, as I get bored with one and move on to another.

The pattern for the giraffe is a free pattern that can be found at  The elephant pattern came from the book "Cute Little Animals".  I purchased my copy at Joann's, but its also available on Amazon.


Since I seem to have gotten back in my crafting groove I thought it might be fun to start a blog about all of my creations.  I think I am going to have to dig up some pictures of some old projects, because some of them are definately post worthy, especially the giant dragon I made as a gift to my cousin :-) 

If you happen to see anything you like, I might be able to make some special requests. 

Also be sure to check out my Etsy shop.  There will be items for sale in there from time to time.