Friday, October 7, 2011

Crochet Double Ruffle Baby Girl Blanket

I came across this beautiful baby girl blanket in the book Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans, which can be bought from

As beautiful as this blanket was it took a lot more work then I had anticipated.  The body of the blanket was easy enough to make, it consistent of alternating single and double crochet stiches.  The difficult and time consuming part, was the double ruffled edge. 

The first step was the pink ruffle underneath.  This ruffle was made up of single stiches and half double stiches. 

Then came the top white outter ruffle.  This was created using single stiches and chains.  It was a bit tricky as the base stiches of the white ruffle had to be worked around the half double stiches form the pink ruffle.  The center white ruffle was also made up of single stiches and chains.  These were worked around the half double stiches from the pink ruffle as well. 

After completing the white ruffle it was time to add the pink trim in the middle of the two white ruffles.  This was again made using single stiches and chains and also had to be worked around the half double stiches of the pink ruffle.

At this point, the blanket was not quite finished.  I still needed to add the ribbon trim.  Unfortunately, I left the blanket unfinished for while despite having bought the ribbon I needed for the project.  Im not very good about finishing projects.  ;-)

It got to the point where the project needed to be completed in order to make it to its destination in time.  So, I added the ribbon, taking my time with the corner bows.

Finally complete!  Im going to have such a hard time parting with it.  Its so beautiful.  I love it!

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  1. This is the most beautiful baby blanket I have ever seen. I love the edging. I hope to find a link for the pattern edging so I can use it on an afghan I just finished for a young girl