Monday, October 10, 2011

Flower/Diamond Afghan

A while back Walmart had a bunch of yarn on clearance, including some Caron Simply soft, which is my favorite for making afghans.  It was such a good price I couldnt pass it up.  So I picked up several skiens of of it in Plum Wine.  At the time I had no plans for it, figured I would just keep it on hand for when an opportunity for its use presented itself. 

I find myself frequently getting bored when I am working on projects and keep find the best way for projects to keep my attention is to switch between a few projects at a time.  While working on the previously posted baby girl blanket, I decided to make use of the Caron Simply Soft yarn I picked up at Walmart.  I pulled out "Birthstone Afghans" which I had bought a while back and had yet to make anythign from and settled on the April 'Dimond' pattern.

I really liked the alternation pattering of the flower/diamonds and the checkered look.

The pattern called fror a fringe to be put on the blanket, but after completing the body I couldnt decide if I really wanted to add the fringe.  I asked the hubby and he stated it needed the fringe.  So as much as I HATE doing fringes, I went ahead and added the fringe.  

After all was said and done, I think it turned out quite nicely.  Another satisfying project completed.

Sometime in the up coming week I hope to get this listed for sale on my etsy site.  Hopefully it will find a good home.

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